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New England's Largest Percussion Rental Company

Founded on the belief that a city as artistically vibrant as Boston should have its own dedicated percussion rental company, Boston Percussion Rentals truly meets the instrument needs of Boston’s percussion artists. Whether for a full orchestra, chamber ensemble, opera, jazz combo, or musical, Boston Percussion Rentals can supply the best gear available in the city at competitive rates. Boston Percussion Rentals also provides cartage for most rentals. We are happy to service organizations and individuals in Boston and throughout New England.


Statement from the owner:

"My instrument collection grew as an extension of my professional demands. What this means is that every instrument I rent out, I also use for my own performance activities. My standard for rental instruments is:

If I wouldn't bring it to a gig myself, I won't rent it out." - Nicholas Tolle

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You can also email us at BostonPercussionRentals(at)gmail(dot)com

Or call us at 617 657 XYLO

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